About Nisha



Passionate About Helping Others

Nisha has been helping others find their path for years while giving away free advice. She would spend hours on the phone researching, advising and shining her light on those who needed her help. At this time, it was just a passion and her hobby. If someone needed to know how to start a business, ace an interview, create a website, find affordable baby sitting resources, etc. She is the go-to person among family and friends. As many grew to admire her abilities for helping others, she was offered a mentoring opportunity which allowed her to help a young battered single mom find herself. From these experiences, Nisha decided to start her own business, Mama With Purpose which offers Motivational Coaching to those who seek change. Nisha is making a difference in this world and would love to connect! If you’re looking to change your lifestyle for the better and become a healthier individual contact Nisha today.

Business Life

  • Motivational Coach (Healthy Lifestyle, Spirituality & Personal Growth)
  • Blogger who enjoys writing informative posts about beauty, wellness, personal growth, peace, animals, veganism and motherhood
  • Former Beauty Business Owner for 5 years
  • Operated in Direct Sales selling wellness and beauty products over 5 years
  • Traveled for four years (Chicago, Dallas/Fort Worth, & St. Louis) and now back in Vegas (11 years & counting)
  • Licensed Cosmetologist for 7 years
  • Owner of Glitter Destiny Boutique
Personal Life
  • Born & raised in Chicago
  • Love traveling & seeing new places
  • Mother raising 2 Kings
  • Enjoy being outdoors & active
  • Chose and healthy lifestyle 41 lbs & counting! (as of July 2018)
  • “Virtual schooling” Mom