How I lost 42 lbs! No Diet Pills, No Weight Loss Teas or Coffee! No Gym! 100% Natural Baby!

Since I started my journey two years ago, I’ve been able to drop 42 pounds! I’m very proud of myself! I still have a ways to go, I’m enjoying my progress and the dedication I’ve made to follow my heart.

Losing weight isn’t easy. It takes hard work, commitment and it’s all in the mindset. So, here’s how I lost the weight using no gym membership, no pills or any weight loss products!

I changed my entire lifestyle!

I was 226 pounds two years ago. This was the heaviest I’ve ever been in my life. I started to pay closer attention to my body and how it reacted with foods I ate and activities I would do. When I learned my body’s pattern and it’s reactions, I did tons research on how the body works. I’ve refreshed myself on anatomy which is what I learned in beauty school, As well as researching Naturalolist like the late Dr. Sebi and Bio News, just to name a couple. I also read Queen Afua’s The sacred woman book. This is when I started my journey as a Vegan. My goal was to treat my body better.

What helped me was seeking a better life for myself. I was obese, unhappy, out of breath with every step and really needed to change my life. I also had high blood pressure and severe anemia from heavy menstrual cycles. I was willing to do whatever it took to change my life.

I focused on what I ate and added exercise after I mastered my food intake.

Many times, people focus on diet and exercise, because they are a winning combination when practiced correctly and together. From my experience, I would always lose weight and go backwards after working so darn hard! I love exercising and playing sports. My struggle was being unable to balance out both and focus on weight loss. Yall, I love to eat! So I can go out and burn 800 calories easily AND gain them all back with what I consumed easily. I knew my eating habits sucked, so I needed to focus on those habits first. I was tired of being insane thinking I could lose weight the old fashion way. This is how I started to see results. I conquered my struggle with food. I’ve gained more will power and make better choices now.

I didn’t set a date for when I wanted to accomplish my weight loss goal.

No I didn’t set any goals! I wanted to make a “lifestyle” change not to try the latest weight loss products or diets. I did all of this for years and I failed. A lifestyle change is something that doesn’t require any dates or set backs. I knew if I said, I wanted to lose weight by my birthday, the summer, etc., I would put false hope on myself and be extremely disappointed and would probably give up and try again dome other time.

Making a lifestyle change allowed me to make mistakes, grow from those mistakes and create a better life for myself. I earned great results by just taking life one day at a time. I’m already hard on myself. I didn’t want to beat myself up anymore with this unnecessary stress.

I have cheat moments and then I get back on my goals.

Some call these cheat days, but I say cheat moments. I call them moments, because I don’t need a whole day to cheat. Nowadays I really don’t put a title on my eating habits. Most days, I’m Vegan and some days I’m Vegetarian. I lost close to 30 pounds alone committing to my food habits.

After mastering my food intake, I started to exercise & the weight fell out!

Yes that’s how it happened! I started to walk more, jump rope around the house, and exercise in general. I didn’t do prolonged exercises for like 2 hours, but at least 30-45 minutes a day. I walked for about one hour five days a week to maximize my activities . This when the weight started to melt off! One thing I must say is when you’re working out and reaching for your goals, that’s when it’s the easiest to always pay attention to what’s going on. When I suck to habits and forgot what I was doing even though I was still exercising the same habits, the weight fell off, and I noticed the change when I looked in the mirror one day. That is when I knew my hard work was paying off.

Do what makes YOU happy!

This is what helped me find clarity in my life. It’s about making the best choices for yourself to achieve the goals your body need while making you’re you’re not miserable doing it!


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